Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Stainless Steel Processing

2019-08-03 16:49:05

Compared with CO2 laser cutting machine, the fiber cutting range is relatively narrow. Because of the wavelength, it can only cut the metal material, and the non-metal is not easily absorbed by it, thus affecting its cutting range.

1. High precision, high speed, narrow cut seam, small heat affected area, smooth cutting surface without burr.

2. Wont touch metal material surface, which can protect the metal from scoring.

3. Flexible processing, can be processed arbitrary graphics, but also can be cut pipe and other heterosexual metal materials.                                                                                                                  

The price of the corresponding fiber laser is higher than that of the YAG laser cutting machine, but much lower than the CO2 laser cutting machine. But its cost performance is the highest of the three.

Laser cutting of stainless steel, using the energy released by a laser beam to the surface of a steel plate to melt and vaporize the stainless steel. Laser cutting of stainless steel is a fast and effective method for manufacturing of stainless steel sheet as main component. Cutting speed, laser power, air pressure and so on are the most important technological parameters affecting the cutting quality of stainless steel. Compared with low carbon steel, stainless steel cutting requires higher laser power and higher oxygen pressure. But the stainless steel cutting achieves satisfactory cutting effect, it is difficult to obtain the completely non-stick slag cutting seam. In general, high pressure nitrogen and laser beam coaxial injection are used to blow away molten metal so that no oxide is formed on the cutting surface. This is a good method, but more expensive than conventional oxygen cutting. One alternative to pure nitrogen is to use filtered compressed air in the workshop, which consists of 78% nitrogen.

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