Fiber Laser Metal Working Machine Made In China Work With Brass

2019-08-03 16:57:42

Brass (brass alloy) use higher laser power, auxiliary gas using air or oxygen, can be cut on the thinner brass plate.

  Most of alloy structural steels can obtain good edge cutting quality by laser cutting. Even for some high strength materials, if the process parameters are properly controlled, straight and non-stick slag can be obtained. However, for high speed tool steels and hot die steels containing tungsten, erosion and slag adhesion will occur in laser cutting machines.

Hope you learn how to use fiber laser metal cutter when for high reflective metal and get good cutting quality.

Cutting high reflection material by metal laser cutting machine is an important problem for many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers at present. High reflection metal material has always been a difficult material for metal laser cutting machine, including copper, aluminum, gold, etc., which are also common materials in our daily processing.

In order to increase the cutting speed, add some auxiliary gas to the high reflection material. Why does cutting high reflection metal materials need to add auxiliary gas? When the metal laser cutting machine cuts copper, the auxiliary gas added reacts with the material at high temperature to increase the cutting speed. For example, the effect of combustion can be achieved by using oxygen. Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas to improve the cutting effect for laser cutting equipment. For copper materials below 1MM, metal laser cutting machine can be used to process. When using metal laser cutting machine, you don't have to worry about whether you can cut off materials. What you should pay attention to is how the processing effect is. When the thickness of copper reaches 2MM, if nitrogen alone can not be processed, oxygen must be added and oxidized before cutting can be realized.

The above is the laser cutting machine for the cutting of copper materials, in fact, different materials, cutting problems are also different, cutting methods are also different

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