Laser Fiber Is Good At Cutting High Reflective Metal Material Like Aluminum

2019-08-03 17:04:27

Laser cutting machine can be widely applied to the processing of various metal and non - metallic materials.

But some materials, such as copper, aluminum and their alloys, are not easily machined by laser cutting due to their own characteristics (high reflectivity). At present, the fiber laser that G.WEIKE used is IPG, which is used to cut aluminum and other high reflective materials. This laser has a good performance whether it is cutting aluminum or cutting other materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. When cut aluminum, 6000W power can cut up to 12mm and 8000W cut up to 14mm. In the process of cutting, the melt product can be blown away from the cutting edge by auxiliary gas, and better cutting quality can be obtained. For some aluminum alloys, attention should be paid to the prevention of intergranular micro-cracks on the surface of the cut joints.

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