Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Can Easily Cut Galvanized Sheet

2019-08-05 11:51:10

General needle for galvanized sheet, laser cutting machine can be easily cut, most organic and inorganic materials can be cut with G.WEIKE laser cutting machine. All kinds of metal materials commonly used in industrial manufacturing systems can be machined by laser cutting in a specific hardness and thickness. In addition, the cutting of copper, aluminum and their alloy sheets is fine, but the relative thickness of cutting will be reduced, because laser cutting is a kind of high density beam to heat and cut the material, the reflective plate on the surface will reduce the cutting effect.
It will need auxiliary gas in the process of cutting galvanized sheet, the auxiliary gases commonly used in laser cutting machine are oxygen and nitrogen. The purity and pressure of the auxiliary gas affect the section quality of the cut sheet, and the oxygen purity for cutting shall be over 99.6%. The higher the oxygen purity, the higher the quality of the section of the galvanized sheet, and the increase of the purity of the nitrogen can ensure that the slit does not change the color in the course of cutting the galvanized sheet.

Metal laser cutting machine can work with these metals.

1. Stainless steel. Fiber laser cutting machine is good at cutting stainless steel.

2. Aluminum and aluminum alloy. Aluminum cutting is a kind of melting cutting, metal laser cutting machine, which can be used to assist the melt blowing away in the gas cutting area, which can be more convenient to observe the cutting situation.

3. Iron. The maximum thickness of the carbon steel plate can be cut by the laser cutting system, which can be up to 20mm.

4. Alloy steel. Most of alloy steel can be cut by metal laser cutting machine.

Other metals. Fiber laser cutting machine can cut thin copper plate. It can also cut titanium and titanium alloys, most nickel alloys can be cut by laser.

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