Laser CO2 Cutter Cut Cloth In Fast Speed

2019-08-05 14:04:23

Laser cutting machine, which specially for garment industry, plush fabric cutting and making, can carry on the accurate cutting of arbitrary figure to many kinds of clothing fabric, can be equipped with feeding device, realize continuous automatic cutting of coiling material.

The marking and cutting process of the garment sheet can be completed at one time. Caterpillar transfer table, easy to receive and feed materials, cut fabrics including various colors of plush cloth, non-woven fabric, cotton and linen, chemical fiber and other materials. It can be used in garment photocopying machine to make sample clothes quickly.

The normal speed of single layer cutting is 5 m/ min, the power of air pump, the quality and flatness of honeycomb bottom, and the intensity of light will affect the cutting effect of cloth. The greater the intensity of light, the greater the heat radiation, and the smaller the light, the smaller the gap. At present, the biggest problem in cutting is yellowing. Put the cloth flat on the bottom of the honeycomb, open the exhaust machine, remove the smoke in time, prevent the dust produced during the cutting from fuming the cloth, open the air compressor, and ensure that the fruit is blown in the suburbs. Blowing away volatile matter and soot in slit, inert gas (such as nitrogen) is ideal for blowing.

The non-woven edge of dust-free cloth manufactured by laser cutting machine is not yellowish, the edge is automatically closed, the edge is not scattered, the edge is not deformed, it will not be hard, and the size is consistent and accurate. No edge burr, all standard size, small error (±0.1mm), soft effect, no cutting pressure of cutting die. Can cut any complex shape; high efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, can cut any shape of any size lace. Because of the combination of laser and computer technology, as long as the user designs on the computer, the output of laser engraving can be realized and can be changed at any time.

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