Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Glasses

2019-09-30 15:33:57

I believe you have a good understanding of the important role of laser cutting machine in various industries, but the industry we mentioned today may also be surprised by the application of laser cutting machine in it. But don't worry, in the following, Gweike laser will tell you about the important role of laser cutting machine in glasses manufacturing industry.

It is understood that at this stage in China, the number of glasses shops is close to 70,000, and the number of relevant retail companies is as high as 10,000, and the total turnover of the industry is as high as tens of billions of yuan. Thus, it can be seen how fierce the market competition in the domestic glasses industry is. Because the market competition is getting more and more intense, many manufacturers need to reduce their own production cost, improve the production process effect, and provide more products that meet the individual requirements. The application of laser cutting machine in the industry has solved some difficult problems of manufacturers in an all-round way.

In the past, the traditional method of glasses processing was to use molds to make mirror frames, so that manufacturers were required to make a mold for each style, which was very inefficient and costly. Later, the domestic laser cutting machine was popularized on a large scale, and many newly developed templates were displayed on the computer software. A laser cutting machine can quickly produce several styles of glasses frame, which solves the problem of personalized customization and is very suitable for the processing needs of glasses manufacturers.

fiber laser cutting machine

In addition, the laser cutting machine can design arbitrary graphics on the plate, complete one machining without subsequent processing, and increase the processing speed by more than ten times compared with the traditional processing. Laser cutting machine can be tightly connected and does not waste materials. High quality processing has also helped glasses manufacturers to improve the efficiency of new product research and development, so that the majority of consumers have more choices, but also let glasses manufacturers quickly recover costs.

Nowadays, the important role of laser cutting machine in glasses manufacturing industry is introduced here. GWEIKE laser is a well-known enterprise that makes laser cutting machine equipment in China, which has decades of R & D and production experience. The laser cutting equipment produced and manufactured by laser cutting machine has been brilliant in various industries and has been popular with the majority of customers and friends.

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