Laser Cutting Machine in the Manufacture of Automobile

2019-08-07 16:20:21

Automobile manufacturing, as a high-tech and highly concentrated industry, faces a very serious market challenge. The demand of consumers is becoming more and more high, and the individuation is more and more diversified. The laser is an advanced productivity and has been widely used in the production and processing of more than 60% of auto parts.

The intervention of laser cutting technology can not only reduce the cost from the manual level, but also meet the advent of industrial 4.0 with standardized and standardized work flow. Laser technology is the basis of intelligent manufacturing in automobile manufacturing industry and the prerequisite for the combination of intelligent manufacturing and digital chemical plant.

when the laser is cut, the high-energy laser beam is used for irradiating on the surface of the workpiece so as to achieve the purpose of cutting, the focusing thickness energy density of the laser beam through the special optical system is extremely high, and the material with high hardness can be fused, such as hard metal, ceramic, diamond, and the like, The tasks that can be difficult to achieve by conventional machining can be completed. Laser technology has become a comprehensive science today. Laser processing and computer software and hardware technology are organically combined. With the CAD and other related technologies, the traditional design and manufacturing mode can be broken through, and the appearance of the automobile manufacturing industry can be greatly improved. As a new technology, the application of laser cutting machine can be said to be infinite. There's only one place you can't  think of.

In the face of the wide market, the large-scale application of the laser cutting machine will undoubtedly bring a revolutionary influence on the automobile industry. It is also a rare opportunity for the laser cutting machine manufacturers, and the further development of the laser technology is inevitable. At present, the laser cutting machine technology in our country is still in the development stage of combining with the automobile industry, and the automobile is in great demand in our country.

The application prospect of laser cutting machine in automobile industry is broad, and the

3D laser cutting machine appeared in the early 1970s. After more than 30 years of exploration and development in the field of metal sheet metal processing equipment manufacturing, it has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, construction machinery, aerospace, die development and other fields. At present, however, the research and development of the international three-dimensional laser cutting equipment mainly depends on the developed countries such as China, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The three-dimensional laser cutting is high in flexibility, and in the normal case, a set of dies can only work with one workpiece, and the three-dimensional laser cutting can be used for any working procedure of any workpiece. When the workpiece product changes, such as the change of surface, trimming and hole, only the offline program of laser cutting needs to be changed. Because the fixture used is relatively simple, it is also convenient to change the fixture. Therefore, the laser cutting has more flexibility, can reduce the investment of the die, shorten the test cycle of the sample piece.

The laser cutting adopts non-contact processing, and the laser cutting machine is almost free of consumables, does not generate pollutants, and the three-dimensional laser cutting machine can also solve the problem that the cutting hole and the edge cutting of a part of the three-dimensional metal forming part can be solved.

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