Hannover Messe 2019 Germany

2019-09-21 17:18:59

Gweike just finished the show at exhibition of Hannover Messe Germany 2019 during 16th -21st Sep 2019 (Mon-Sat).

emo hannover

During the exhibition, Gweike showed it's classic fiber laser cutting machine--whole cover fiber laser metal work tool LF3015GA. LF3015GA fiber laser cutting machine is high-power metal laser cutting machine. With its original imported fiber laser making great performance improvement, it has better performance in sheet metal processing. In addition, the LF3015G sheet metal laser cutting machine is fully enclosed and can effectively protect the operator’s safety. All accessories are accord with EU CE standard.

emo hannover laser cutting machine

Customers from Europe visit and learn about Gweike laser machine, most of the are new customers, and some old friends as it's the the first time we attend the Hannover show, the most important exhibition of metal work industry.

emo hannover laser cutting machine

Step into Industry 4.0 ear, manufacturing facilities that share information with work pieces and call a technician for help if needed? This vision becomes reality with Industry 4.0. Machine production is networked into a self-learning system using cutting-edge communication technology – resulting in a smart factory. The foundation for this modern industrial revolution is the Internet of Things, which enables continuous data exchange between all participating units – from the production robot to inventory management to the microchip. This connects all production and logistics processes together, making our industry more intelligent, efficient and sustainable. And Gweike, as the latest technology owner, have the advantage of leading the trend. So, let's start the new page of "German Industry 4.0" and "made in China 2025" and bring you the best.

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