Blechexpo Stuttgart Germany

2019-11-09 15:23:06

Gweike Laser has successfully finished the exhibition of Blechexpo in Stuttgart during 5~8th, November 2019.

The practical trade fair duo of Blechexpo and Schweisstec takes place on a two-year cycle in the state trade fair centre in Stuttgart (Landesmesse Stuttgart) and is the only event in the world that deals with the complementary technologies of sheet metal processing and joining technology. Within the shortest timeframe, Blechexpo has been able to gain a leading position in Europe and now ranks second in the world on the list of trade fairs for sheet metal processing. The Schweisstec international specialist trade fair for joining technology forms the ideal complement. It presents all of the relevant mechanical and thermal joining and connecting procedures as well as thermal welding processes.

fiber laser cutting machine

At Blechexpo, Gweike exhibited fiber laser metal cutting machine LF3015GA all cover exchange platform metal working machine, this classic model fiber laser cutting machine is high-power metal laser cutting machine. With its original imported fiber laser making great performance improvement, it has better performance in sheet metal processing. In addition, the LF3015GA sheet metal laser cutting machine is fully enclosed and can effectively protect the operator’s safety.

During the exhibition, lots of customers from both Germany and Europe country come to visit Gweike stand, include old friends and new visitors who wants to know more about fiber laser metal cutting machine, sign orders of LF3015GA more than 10 sets, and other models fiber laser cutter.

fiber laser cutting machine

Gweike got a good and successful show in Stuttgart this year, will never forget its intentions, to provide good quality and service to customers all over the world! Thank you & see you 2021!

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