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2019-11-30 17:38:31

G.WEIKE just finished the show on MetalEx Thailand 2019

It's the second time to be invited to attend MetalEx in Thailand this year, in May, 2019, Gweike showed it classic fiber laser cutting machine dual use LF3015CNR. This time, Gweike exhibit new designed LF3015GC with exchange platform.

fiber laser cutting machine

METALEX 2019 will pave the way to sustainable successes in the imminent 4.0 era for the region's metalworking industry. Under the theme of “New Smart Technologies,” featuring Smart Wire & Tube Technologies, Smart Materials, and Smart Sensor Technologies, the show will open up new horizons in metalworking excellence and growth through over 4,800 items of new machine tools, metalworking solutions, sheet metal forming innovations, and many other metalworking technologies by 4,000 brands from 50 countries including national pavilions plus “German Pavilion” as well as many other exciting smart new features, contents, and business opportunities that will take your business to the next level. METALEX will be your smart gateway that will enable you to tap into the demanding ASEAN market in the most efficient and effective way.

fiber laser cutting machine

LF3015GC fiber laser cutting machine with plate integrated exchange platform, equipped with two platforms for loading and unloading operations based on the original model, therefore improving the cutting efficiency and greatly reducing the time cost and labor costs.

During the exhibition, orders will get special discount of getting the exhibition prototype machine at a very favorable price (Machine laser power over 2000 watt); Free shipping (Ocean freight); Free training and installation at your place and free accessories as gift.

fiber laser cutting machine

As the metal cutting industry has become popular in Southeast Asia, many customers come to visit and study at G.WEIKE booth. The picture shows customers asking engineers how to use the machine and the precautions.

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