Xu Nanping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and his entourage visited Gweike.

    On March 25th, Xu Nanping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and his entourage visited the Gweike production base to investigate the Gweike intelligent equipment series products and the latest intelligent chemical factory, and had an in-depth understanding of the current status and future development trend of the Gweike in the industry. Sun Shutao, deputy secretary and mayor of Jinan Municipal Committee, Tang Bo, director of Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and Wang Hongzhi, member of the Standing Committee of Jinan Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jinan High-tech Zone and Director of the Management Committee, accompanied the investigation.

    As the vice-chairman unit of Shandong Laser Equipment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, Gweike had achieved dazzling results in all aspects in 2020 under its guidance. Both sales and production breakthroughs had been highly valued by Vice Minister Xu and his party. This is an enterprise that had been investigated and inspected by the Ministry of Science and Technology. During the inspection, Jiang Xifeng, the general manager of Gweike, accompanied  throughout and reported on the company's R&D innovation, technology promotion, product sales and production.

    During the investigation, Vice Minister Xu and his entourage visited the Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Hall and inquired about the development status, R&D level and industrialization layout of Gweike. Focused on viewing the cloud laser cutting machine with AI visual recognition and online cloud control, high-power and large-encircled laser cutting machine LF-3015GA, laser welding robot production line, automatic blanking production line and other series of products and exquisite cutting samples. Vice Minister Xu encouraged the company to continue to increase R&D investment, actively extend the industrial chain, and continuously improve core competitiveness!

    Vice Minister Xu and his entourage went to the production workshop and came to new factory to learn more about Gweike's corporate history, production status, technology research and development, market expansion, etc..As well as, he watched the high-precision pipe bevel cutting on the spot. 

Vice Minister Xu listened carefully to Mr. Jiang’s explanations on technology research and development, the latest products, industrial scale, and development history.He fully affirmed the achievements of cutting equipment industrial applications and innovation integration, and highly praised the achievements acquired in the field of high-end laser intelligent equipment.

    Under the guidance of Shandong Laser Equipment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, Gweike will continue to deepen its main business, increase the laser research and development of core technologies and optical components, make multiple breakthroughs, and develop in depth.With the vision of building the Northern Optics Valley Industrial Wisdom Park,Gweike relies on cutting-edge laser research and development technology to provide strategic support for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province, and helps Jinan become the third pole of China's laser industry comparable to Wuhan and Shenzhen.

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