Q&A About Common Problems Of Laser Cutting Machine

2019-07-12 13:13:30

In order to enhance our understanding of laser cutting machine, G.WEIKE arranges two common problems in metal processing, and provides solutions to facilitate customers to adjust themselves when these production problems really occur.

Q: Why when cutting carbon steel, there are always burrs on the cutting surface?

A: As we all know, the working principle of fiber laser cutting machine is to use the energy of light beam to realize the cutting of metal plate, therefore, when there is burrs on the cutting surface of sheet metal parts, the first thing to consider is the position of laser focus, which will lead to the inability to effectively realize the machining of sheet metal parts. So the solution is to adjust the focus orientation of the laser head. But if there is no problem with the focus of the laser head, then the laser power needs to be considered, due to the different power of laser cutting ability, the cutting quality will decrease if the thickness of the processed carbon steel exceeds the limit value of laser cutting. The third thing to check is the auxiliary gas. Generally speaking, the cutting performance of the laser cutting machine will be better only when the purity of the auxiliary gas is higher, so it is necessary to ensure the quality of the auxiliary gas.


Q: Why sometimes the metal plate is not cut through?

A: When it happened that metal material is not cut through, the main reason may be that the nozzle of the laser head does not match the thickness of the working material. It's also possible that the laser cutting machine is cutting too fast. So operator needs to change a right size nozzle and reduce the machine cutting speed.

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