Effect Of Heat Affected Area On Cutting Quality

2019-07-12 13:26:59

What is a heat affected area? That is, in the process of processing, it is heated along the area near the laser incision, resulting in certain changes in the structure of the metal, this change will lead to the hardening of metals. The existence of heat affected area is disadvantageous to laser cutting, especially for the smoothness of the surface and edge of sheet metal parts, it will have a negative effect on the surface and edge of sheet metal parts. The heat affected area will not only lead to metal hardening, but also lead to depression and corrosion on the edge of metal, this condition leads to the possibility of an error in the actual machining process. For laser cutting machines, especially in the process of precision machining, fine changes will lead to errors in the accuracy of sheet metal parts, which directly affect the machining quality.


The surface roughness of laser cutting is mainly due to the following three reasons:

1. Inherent parameters of the cutting system, such as spot mode, focal length, etc.

2. Adjustable process parameters in the cutting process, such as power, cutting speed, auxiliary gas type and pressure, etc.

3. Physical parameters of processing materials, such as laser absorptivity, melting point, viscosity coefficient of molten metal oxide, surface tension of metal oxide, etc.

In addition, the thickness of the work piece also has a great impact on the surface quality of laser cutting. Relatively speaking, the smaller the thickness of metal work piece, the higher the cutting surface roughness grade, so the choice of a suitable laser cutting machine has a positive role in improving production efficiency.

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