What Is Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Advantage

2019-10-19 16:56:02

For many mechanical and electrical manufacturing industries, the modern stainless steel laser cutting machine system with microcomputer program can facilitate the cutting of workpieces with different shapes and sizes. The laser beam is conical and the slit is also conical. The thickness of 0.3mm is much smaller than that of 2mm. Cutting precision is an important part to measure the quality of laser cutting machine. The precision of the worktable determines the repetition accuracy of laser cutting. The higher the precision of the worktable, the higher the cutting accuracy. Here G.WEIKE LASER would like to teach you: How to cut the cutting machine faster and better.

The workpiece material has a certain influence on the accuracy of the laser cutting machine, in which case, the smaller the thickness of the stainless steel is. Even for the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting accuracy will be different, which is also one of the factors that affect the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Under the condition of this conical laser beam, the lower the precision and the greater the slit, the larger the work will be.

fiber laser cutting machine

In fact, the accuracy of stainless steel laser cutting machines does not depend entirely on the equipment itself. As we all know, the beam of light emitted by the laser is conical, so the cut gap is also conical. In the same case, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different, even for the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting accuracy will also be different. When the conical laser beams gather together, the spot will become smaller and smaller. The laser cutting has no burr, wrinkle and high precision, which is better than that of plasma cutting. The shape of laser beam is a major factor affecting the cutting accuracy of metal laser cutting machine. Under the same light beam condition, the workpiece material also has certain influence on the accuracy of laser cutting machine. It is often more preferred than a die-cut molding process, and it is not necessary to repair the mold, so it is more cost-effective in general. Therefore, the more accurate the laser cutting machine manufacturers are, the smaller the size of the slit will become, and the smallest spot can reach 0.01mm. 

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