The Trend of Metal Working

2019-11-09 10:19:38

Laser metal cutting machine has become a more and more common equipment in metal working manufacturer industrial. In the field of metal processing, the application of metal laser cutting machine has almost been used in every industry. Some traditional metal cutting machine such as plasma cutting, flame cutting and so on, among them, the rise and development of laser cutting machine make metal working machine the unprecedented change.


Whether it is a thin or thick plate, the metal laser cutting machine can achieve perfect and efficient cutting, so to some extent, the appearance and application of the laser machine is also an important change in the process of metal processing. 

Compared with the traditional cutting method, fiber laser cutting machine greatly improves the production efficiency by virtue of its high cutting speed and good cutting quality, and the fiber is more intelligent and convenient for users to learn and operate. In cutting quality and speed and other aspects, has an absolute advantage.

GWEIKE as the leader of laser machine manufacturer in China. The high power laser machine, which is developed and produced independently, not only has good reputation in China, but also has reached the leading level in the world, and has been favored by many international customers.

The fiber laser cutting machine, represented by GWEIKE LF3015P not only has powerful cutting ability, but also has super fast cutting speed, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper and aluminum, and so on. The application range is extremely wide, and laser cutter machine’s later maintenance cost is almost zero, the performance is stable, is the reliable metal processing essential product.

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