Gweike and Trumpf signed the strategic cooperation agreement

2019-12-14 16:50:49

On December 3, Gweike and Germany Trumpf (China) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both sides actively respond to the national policy spirit of "promoting the development of the laser industry" and jointly expand the global market. The combination of laser industry and traditional manufacturing enterprises is discussed deeply and strategic cooperation is reached. 


In the future, both size will fully cooperate in the field of laser-based laser, based on their respective advantages, to jointly promote the continuous and rapid growth of the laser machinery enterprises and contribute to the development of the laser industry in the world. Germany Trumpf ranks first in the field of laser processing equipment suppliers, it is also the world's third largest machine tool manufacturer. Trumpf laser is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for customers:

Trumpf fiber laser souce, control system, beam conduction device, fiber laser cutting head and sensor. It can be combined perfectly after the optimal matching.

Trumpf fiber laser source has the advantages of: Compact and stable laser light, no condensation (prevent condensation), beam quality consistency, time-saving, easy to maintain. And it has good anti-reflection capability.

At the signing ceremony, Precitec witnessed the signing of the strategic cooperation between Gweike Laser and Germany Trumpf. As the the only designated agent of Trumpf fiber laser source in the world in the world, Tt has reached agreement on global marketing, technical support,24-hour response, and global service network, and has made a friendly and friendly exchange.


The strategic cooperation between the two sides is of great significance. Through exchanges and cooperation in the field of business, the global strategic cooperation plan has been further determined, the international competitiveness of the two sides has been improved, the resources will complement each other, and the cooperation will be multi-win. It also has a positive impact on the development pattern of the whole laser industry. Let’s look forward to and welcome the golden age of the rapid development of optical fiber laser cutting industry.

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