Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Advertising Industry.

2019-12-28 15:33:42

The characteristic of the special fiber laser cutting machine accords with this severe trend in the advertising industry. With its excellent value for money, it provides a powerful guarantee for the advertising enterprise's own profitability.

With the continuous development of society, the advertising industry is gradually mature, processing equipment and technology have made great progress, but the overall profit of the advertising industry has declined, the middle and low end overcapacity, homogeneous competition is also becoming more and more serious, all the major advertising enterprises are seeking to break through the circle.How to increase the profit while occupying the market share has become a difficult problem for advertising enterprises to consider and solve.

fiber laser cutting machine

The development direction of advertising industry, the characteristics of advertising special optical fiber laser cutting machine just in line with this trend, with its excellent performance-price ratio, for advertising enterprises to provide a strong guarantee for their own profitability.

Gweike Laser, as a laser cutting machine manufacturer, has rich experience in the application of laser products in the advertising industry, and has designed a cost-effective laser processing equipment for the advertising industry, which has the advantages of high configuration, high cutting efficiency, stable performance and low use cost. 

Save material -- Using computer programming technology, the product graphics of different shapes can be imported into the computer software system in advance, and the computer will automatically optimize the material layout and maximize the efficiency of material utilization.

Simplified program-laser cutting machine processing accuracy is much higher than other ways, so cutting edge smooth, one-time molding, no need for subsequent edge modification. At the same time, laser cutting can eliminate the opening process and improve the efficiency.

Saving investment in mould -- because it saves the opening process, it will reduce the consumption of mould, reduce the cost of production without repairing and replacing mould, and improve the market response speed of enterprise, aiming at the different cutting demand of different customers, it can respond quickly, especially suitable for multi-type and multi-batch production mode.

Protecting the Environment Laser cutting is an environmentally friendly process with less noise and no pollution. It also effectively solves the problem that companies cannot start work because of environmental problems. We can find that the production workshops with laser cutting machines are often cleaner and cutting waste less.

Gweike fiber laser cutting machine, the design is reasonable, the quality is stable, the equipment key component all uses the brand product, the system integration degree is high, the control precision is high, the operation is stable, can achieve the carbon steel, the stainless steel and so on many kinds of metal cutting request, is the medium, the thin plate processing ideal choice 

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